As a fresh undergraduate of the 2009 class, my idea of a perfect life was finding a niche in my career and settling down. I was in no doubt whatsoever that my degree qualifications in IT systems and computer software would earn me a well paying job with a reputable firm. Shock on me! A year after graduation and many barren interviews later, I decided I needed to go back to the drawing board and review my initial goals. I had to eke a living without depending on the once in a blue moon contractual jobs that landed my way. I desperately needed stability.

I decided that I would start my own IT business venture. I was not particularly sure whether to provide IT services or sell software. At around that time I stumbled upon Robert Kiyosaki’s В«Rich Dad, Poor DadВ». I was so fascinated by the ideas in the book and felt that my initial goals had set me up for failure. Armed with the new knowledge on business ventures, I decided to start with IT services because of its diverse nature. I knew a couple of people who always called me whenever they had a problem with their IT systems because I had always been reliable. I went out and made business cards and distributed them to these few people. My family was very supportive in terms of capital because they knew I had been jobless for long and my initiative would keep me busy. I set up a website and created some office space in my living quarters. I also sent out flyers and created my company profile on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Soon I was ready to go.

At first business was slow and I had to rely majorly on the few clients that I had. With time, my luck changed and before I knew it I was inundated with calls and emails. Six months down the line I set up office in a small room downtown and had to hire a few people to help me out with service delivery because there were too many clients. My major advantage is that I provide affordable services to clients who are setting up new ventures. I also travel to small towns where the IT needs are many and business potential remains untapped.

With this rapid expansion, I feel the need to get an MBA so as to run my business in a professional manner. As at now, I feel whole as an IT professional because I have the solutions to many IT problems and can differentiate software without a problem. However, when it comes to the financial aspects of my business, I am incompetent and sometimes my monetary choices are not cost-effective. Given the chance to go through your MBA program, I will gain knowledge that can help me overcome this challenge. I will also interact with other business owners and get perspective on how to expand gradually and deal with competition.

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Marrying IT and business administration admission essay: Writing papers help with assignment

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